Monday, March 21, 2011


Featherless will be on hiatus for April and May of 2011, as Katie and I are getting married.

We would like to thank everyone who has participated in the readings, and especially Brenda Varda, the Wordspace director, and Richard Tuttobene.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Featherless #9

Featherless #9 will take place on March 20, at 7:30 pm, at Wordspace. Our exciting readers are Peter Mehlman, and Meghan Brown.

Their bios:

After graduating from the University of Maryland, Peter Mehlman was a
writer for the Washington Post. He slid to television in 1982, writing
for SportsBeat with Howard Cosell. From 1985-90, he returned to
forming full sentences as a writer for numerous national publications
including the New York Times Magazine, GQ, Esquire, Mademoiselle,
Elle, etc.

In 1989 he moved to Los Angeles where he bumped into Larry David, whom
he'd met twice in New York. David, developing “a little show with
Jerry Seinfeld,” invited Mehlman to submit a sample script. Having
never written one, Mehlman sent a humor piece he had written for the
Times Magazine and got an assignment, which became the first Seinfeld
freelance episode, “The Apartment.” Over the run of the show, Mehlman
rose to executive producer and coined such Seinfeld-isms as “Yada
Yada” “spongeworthy,” “shrinkage” and “double-dipping.”

In 1997, Mehlman joined DreamWorks and created “It’s like, you
know...” a scathing look at Los Angeles. In recent years, he has
written screenplays, a novel and humor pieces for NPR, Esquire, The
New York Times, Washington Post and LA Times while also appearing
on-camera for TNT Sports and the Webby nominated “Pete Mehlman’s
Narrow World of Sports."

Meghan Brown is a writer, director, and producer based out of Los
Angeles. Meghan attended UC Irvine where she graduated with a BA in
Drama and Honors in Theater Directing.

Meghan is the Resident Playwright for Giraffe Hunt Theater, and serves
on their board of directors. She works as a staff writer, producer,
and director for, and is a frequent culture contributor
to the Atlantic Monthly website.

Her full-length plays Perfect Teeth for Crocodile Land and This is
Happening Now have had successful runs in Los Angeles. Other produced
plays include Jack’s Last Night in Town (WTC, Portland), Ophelia (WIT
Lab), The Giraffe Hunt (CST), The Blindness and the Fireworks (CST),
Patrick and Olivia (CST), Little Secrets (Found Spaces Theater), and
Psyche (reading, East West Players). She’s currently writing the book
and lyrics for the upcoming musical Scoop, and mentally preparing for
her upcoming move to Switzerland in fall 2011.

Writing is Meghan's favorite thing in the world. She also enjoys
fortune-telling machines, magic tricks, short stories with unreliable
narrators, giraffes, and getting emotionally invested in movie
trailers. Fore more info, check out her website at

Reception to follow.